Intact Insurance

Insurance policy Administration System

Beauma Services INC. Experts have executed several projects as a service provider for Intact insurance:

  • Design and implementation of batch programs (Java batch) for the renewal and cancellation of the insurance policy.

  • Conception and implementation of a solution that publishes in real time the number of insurance policies created. Technologies: MQ Series, Enterprise Service Bus (BSE): WebSphere Datapower, WebSphere Application Server, Servlet Container Tomat.

  • Design and implementation of the Enterprise Service Bus solution for platform and system integration. Technologies: MQ Series and Websphere Datapower.

  • Design and implement a service register for Intact. Technologies: Websphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR).

National Bank of Canada

Mortgage Administration System

At the National Bank of Canada, our experts, with the role of service provider working with internal and external staff, have played key roles contributing to the successful modernization of the bank's mortgage system.

  • Design and development of new systems

  • Establish an architecture for the collection and analysis of performance indicators.

  • Basic data Management System.

  • Design and development of a Java tool for the collection and analysis of the MQ Series performance statistical data.

  • Develop scripts to collect and transmit key performance indicators to a user interface dashboard.

  • Automation of WEB Application Server migrations to new environments.

  • Optimizing Application Performance

Morgan Stanley

Action Transaction Processing Systems

Our experts have contributed to various projects in Morgan Stanley:

  • Migration of Referential Enrichment Broker: Introduction of the new technology stack to improve the parallel processing of transactions with the goal of gaining performance.

  • Audit and traceability: contribution to the quality of production applications: adds additional audit information to easily produce exportable reports on Excel.

  • Improved to update the change in the XML schema giving a better structural representation of the information of a stock exchange action.

  • Running the daily regression test tool to ensure that the new changes did not introduce breaks in the system.

  • Archiving Project: Improve the archiving and retrieval process of archived data.

Deutsche Bank

Trading Processing Systems

We also served at Deutsche Bank:

  • Analyze the needs of customers and propose solutions to solve problems identified with the Trade matching Engine (tool of balancing the information of the buyer and those of the seller of a stock action).

  • Assist in the drafting of the technical specifications and the design of the architecture of the new components of the Trade matching Engine