Beauma Services INC. is an information technology (IT) consulting firm based in Canada and with expertise in various fields, such as system integration, development of system architecture oriented services ( SOA), project management, Web application creation, network management, SAP, computer security, sales, technical support and maintenance, graphics (logos, business cards, brochures), design and video editing, marketing and Web visibility, such as SEO (Search Engine optimization), CRM (Customer relationship Management) or software quality assurance.

Beauma Services Inc. Is working to solve, through personalized software, the problems that may be encountered by its customers. Our experts specialize in software architecture (Enterprise Solutions Architect), software analysis and development and have many years of experience not only in the software industry, but also in other areas, such as : Banking and finance, insurance, telecommunications, education, team or inventory management, government, etc.

We offer both the development of new systems and the support and maintenance of systems already in place.